ZombCopter Description Enter the Zombcopter, a helicopter tricked out with more weapons than you can shake a rotting limb at. Your mission? Defend the last remaining intact City Hall from an endless horde of zombies. As the intrepid shooter in the Zombcopter, it’s up to you to mow down waves of funny-looking zombies. You’ll have […]

Empire of progress: Technology cards

Empire of progress: Technology cards Description Open new technologies to guide humanity from primal tribe to space civilization. Improve every card technology to increase pace of your progress. How To Play Empire of progress: Technology cards Open and update cards to increase technology progress Type: html5

AquaPark Fun Loop

AquaPark Fun Loop Description You are an aquapark operator in the Aquapark Fun Loop game. In order for the pool to receive more customers, you must make it make more profit. Continue making upgrades with the money you earn to make Aqupark bigger and better. You can finally have a very big and fancy Aquapark! […]