Skibidi Hero.IO

Skibidi Hero.IO Description Skidibi Hero: Survivor IO is an action game where you have to survive countless waves of monsters. Control your hero to move around, collecting all of the points from defeating enemies to leveling up. You will have 3 choices to upgrade your power so choose wisely to survive till the end of […]

Pacific Ocean Adventure

Pacific Ocean Adventure Description How about fishing in the depths of the Pacific ocean? You must fight against sharks and hunt other fish to earn gold! Join this wonderful adventurous game now! How To Play Pacific Ocean Adventure W, A, S, D or Arrow Keys: Movement Aim: Mouse Left Click / Space: Attack When you […]

Groomy Island

Groomy Island Description Groomy Island – is a brand new realistic horror-survival game in 3D Island that Your sole objective is Survive and collect all the 10 Grimace Shake. – There are many enjoyable places to explore on a large island. – Make sure to keep an eye on a MiniMap to navigate around. How […]

Zombie Hunter Survival

Zombie Hunter Survival Description Fight and thrive in the endless onslaught of zombies. Upgrade your gear and weapons and keep up with stronger enemies. Your main goal in this grim world is survival. How To Play Zombie Hunter Survival Upgrade your gear and weapons to progress in the game as the difficulty rises. Pick up […]

Stickman Battle Ultimate Fight

Stickman Battle Ultimate Fight Description Stickman Survival is an action-fighting game where you must control the stickman to survive in the gladiator arena. You may survive if you can avoid being the target of the strong opponents, and grow your strength by gathering all kinds of item on the map. Each of them give you […]

Lighthouse Havoc

Lighthouse Havoc Description In the midst of a devastating demon apocalypse, a group of survivors finds refuge in a secluded lighthouse on a small island. The once-beacon of hope has now become a prison, surrounded by hordes of relentless demon. One fateful night, the undead, attracted to the light, overrun the lighthouse and capture your […]