Magic World

Magic World Description The unique match 3 in a row adventure RPG game! Battles, heroes, cards, quests, elementals and more! Try out your mind and luck! How To Play Magic World Go on a campaign and make great victories! Explore the depths of an ancient dungeon and challenge powerful titans and heroes guarding their lair […]

Elden Souls | Dark Roguelike RPG

Elden Souls | Dark Roguelike RPG Description Dive into an immersive 2D RPG as a magical swordswoman. Traverse through randomized dungeons, wielding weapons with unique abilities to amplify your combat prowess. Benefit from a rich talent tree that alters your gameplay, craft powerful items, and unleash spellbinding abilities like the Black Hole and Magic Crystal. […]

Wizard Arcadia

Wizard Arcadia Description ⭐️ Wizards’ Arcadia is a fantasy medieval world where magic and wonders are commonplace. The main character is a wizard who lives in a peaceful kingdom where humans and magic users live in harmony. ⭐️ However, the peaceful existence of the kingdom was disrupted when villains attacked its territory, seeking to seize […]

Bhide Pickle Delivery

Bhide Pickle Delivery Description It’s summer season which means season of mangoes, which also means order request for Madhvi Bhabhi. Help Bhide bhai to deliver special aachar and papads made by Madhvi bhabhi to loyal customer. How To Play Bhide Pickle Delivery How to Play: Mobile: Drag the Bhide left and right using touch to […]

Sniper Shooter

Sniper Shooter Description You are a highly experienced hero who knows the most suitable location for an excellent shot. What is it? You are going to stay onto the roof of nearby building and watch the next target to kill.Pay attention to the number of bullets you have! How To Play Sniper Shooter Tap to […]