Dad Escape

Dad Escape Description Dad Escape: Hide Little One is a classic hide-and-seek game. Overcome all of the obstacle and solve the maze before daddy catch you How To Play Dad Escape Control the movement of the baby to pass through all of the tricky traps. Take advantage all of the surrounding objects and trap mechanism […]

Hide and Escape Puzzle Game

Hide and Escape Puzzle Game Description ? WELCOME TO THE HIDE AND ESCAPE PUZZLE GAME ? Are you looking for a laugh-out-loud fun game that will keep you entertained for a few hours? Get ready for an experience with the Hide and Escape Puzzle Game ! With its colorful graphics, famous characters, and surprises, this […]

Maze Hide Or Seek

Maze Hide Or Seek Description Maze Hide Or Seek is a free online escape and hide-and-seek game for boys played on PuzzleGame. In this game, you will be randomly assigned to different camps. Become a killer and kill everyone on the field. Or become a villager, turn on the switches and escape successfully. Use the […]