Fruitfall Catcher

Fruitfall Catcher Description Test your reflexes by catching fruits each level everything is faster and different, how far can you reach? but be careful of the bombs! How To Play Fruitfall Catcher Use W/Arrow Up and S/Arrow Down to move in the menu. Space to accept. A/Arrow Left and D/Arrow Right to move in game. […]

Merge Fruit Time

Merge Fruit Time Description Drop fruits and stick them to the same fruit. Drop the fruit carefully so as not to fill the stage. Use bombs in a pinch! Can erase fruits in a certain area. Aim for a high score by attaching lots of fruits! How To Play Merge Fruit Time Tap to drop […]

Cooking Live – Be a Chef & Cook

Cooking Live – Be a Chef & Cook Description Jane needs your help! As she travels the globe, blogging about local restaurants and cuisine, she’s witnessed big corporations pushing out talented local cooks and their eateries. Let’s empower them and restore their zest for life! How To Play Cooking Live – Be a Chef & […]

Fruit Merge Reloaded

Fruit Merge Reloaded Description Dive into the juicy and colorful world of Fruit Merge Reloaded, a captivating merging game that combines the addictive gameplay of 2048 with the sweetness of your favorite fruits! Your task is to merge identical fruits to create new and exotic varieties, aiming to reach the ultimate fruit fusion. How To […]

Fruit Survivor

Fruit Survivor Description Fruit Survivor is a cool and exciting 3D cartoon survival arcade game. You play as a gardener who is attacked by fruit monsters. You have to fight your way out and destroy them with different weapons. I recommend choosing the blender and maxing it out first. It can deal with many strong […]