Tripeaks Solitaire Holiday

Tripeaks Solitaire Holiday Description Embark on a voyage like never before in Tripeaks Solitaire Holiday! Play cards aboard the lavish cruise ship as you visit the Pyramids, Opera House, Taj Mahal, Easter Island, and more beautiful locations. Solve the solitaire puzzles by clicking the cards in the right order. Stack the cards in as few […]

Empire of progress: Technology cards

Empire of progress: Technology cards Description Open new technologies to guide humanity from primal tribe to space civilization. Improve every card technology to increase pace of your progress. How To Play Empire of progress: Technology cards Open and update cards to increase technology progress Type: html5

Las Vegas Poker

Las Vegas Poker Description Play one of the most exciting card games in the world. Win up to 3 types of big tournaments and unlock your avatar. Rule the poker game and become King Of The Table. Collect daily rewards, customize your game mode, and live the excitement of Las Vegas Casino. How To Play […]

Zakantosh Cardgame Lite

Zakantosh Cardgame Lite Description A Collectible Single Player Card Battle Game that focuses on Story Content. Your enemies are all kind of creatures, goaded by the evil influence of the mysterious crystals, that appeared out of nowhere. You will need to collect powerful cards and gems to fight your way through Zakantosh. How To Play […]

Mahjong Match Club

Mahjong Match Club Description Select 2 identical mahjongs and eliminate them. After elimination, a green movable area will appear. Move a piece of mahjong until there is no obstruction in the horizontal or vertical direction. It is facing an identical mahjong. Let go and they will disappear automatically. You will gain points and enter the […]

Would you Rather?

Would you Rather? Description Would You Rather is the ultimate group game to play with friends! This party app contains over 120 of the best Would You Rather questions. ✔ Perfect group party game to play with friends. ✔ Great game for playing with groups of friends and family ✔ Works offline making it the […]

Autumn Solitaire Tripeaks

Autumn Solitaire Tripeaks Description Play Classic TriPeaks or 100 different autumn levels. Remove all cards from the tableau, you can remove top cards that are 1 higher or 1 lower in value than the open card on the bottom. Click on the closed stack to get a new open card. How To Play Autumn Solitaire […]